Yo! After a short break from Ese’s Kitchen, here is a well researched recipe for burning belly fat.

Are you are so confused and you have tried so many ways to burn belly fat? Just wear a big smile as you are going through this recipe  because your worries are over. Here is a simple drink you could take to start your fat burning process. Let’s get down to business…….


* cucumber 1, *ginger 3, * garlic 2 cloves, * lemon 4 (yellow ripe one), * honey (optional), * mint leave 5 leaves


Step 1: you need to wash your ginger, lemon, garlic (after peeling them) and mint leaves

Step 2: slice the lemon into 4 halves and add the garlic, ginger, mint leaves in a blender

Step 3: you will blend all the ingredients and please don’t peel the lemon because it aids digestion.

Step 4: add honey to taste and you could sieve it or drink it with the shaft in it. Slice your cucumber like mine and eat it without peeling the skin or removing the seeds.

Healthy tip: 

This recipe aids digestion.

It gives you a smooth skin

It flushes unhealthy fat in d body

It cuts down cravings for junk


Please note: take it fresh and consume within 12hours

Thank you and will like to get your comments.