—“You should go and tell those who sent you that nobody, I said nobody, no matter who he is, can ever control this Senate– Dino
— “I’m just wondering why whenever Senator Dino speaks in this chamber, he is always threatening people and behaving childishly and at times like a thug. A dog.”– Tinubs

— “Look this is not Bourdillon.. I will beat you up, ….. impregnate you and nothing will happen.”– Dino

—It is not even biologically possible to impregnate her as she is already in her menopause. I prefer more robust lady like Sen. Oduah— Dino

—”Dino’s political career is finished”– Tinubu

—”Who is Tinubu to decide my political career?”— Dino

—”…Went to Bourdillon to take pictures as a show of boldness”– Dino

—”No Melaye” Protests staged by APC women in Ondo and Lagos

—”Writes AIG. Dino is after my life. Demands police.”— Tinubs

— Groups accuses Tinubu’s wife of splashing N75m to organize anti-Dino Melaye protest in Abuja

—Continues in the next episode…

Rocking the media houses and social media since last week Tuesday is the “funny but no-funny” show of shame of the two Senators during a Senate Executive Session on Tuesday and the subsequent reactions trailing it.

While several condemnations has been trailing the two major actors involved in the ignoramus and inglorious show of opprobrium so far by the Nigerians; flipping through the pages of newspapers and watching the media reports of the story, it is pertinent to note that a side has been marginalised in the media Crucifixion.

Our political, tribal and religious differences should not quickly make us forget the saying that,

“a woman with ego and aggressive attitude can bring out the animal in a complete gentleman.”

A reputable married woman calling someone’s husband a dog and tongue lashing because of the status of the name attached to the Oluremi equally demands severe condemnations.

Obviously obvious, She does not carry herself with respect and class attached to the name.

If a woman has no respect for another man outside his home, that efficiently convey the message that she is not respecting her husband at home.

Money is not everything.

That again reminds me of the Late Anirare Aladesanmi of Ado-Ekiti story;

There was a particular day, a boy and his parents were brought to the Palace to be punished for insulting the king. On getting to the Ewi, a man who will never justify the wicked nor punished the innocent, asked that the boy should be given the opportunity to speak before he pronounces judgement on him and his family. The boy began by telling the gathering how the Prince (the Ewi’ son, who were worshipped like gods those days) started by insulting and cursing his father. The boy reiterated that when he couldn’t withstand the abuse on his father, he too cursed the father of the Prince. The Ewi asked his son if the boy lied and the Prince responded that he is the first to curse the boy’s father. The king told the gathering that a father is a father, king or not, that since his son was the first to curse another person’s father, the boy too possess the right to curse the Prince’ father, irrespective of who the father may be. He asked that the boy and his family be released while his son should be severely dealt with, for having the effrontery to insult the father of the boy. Thereafter, no Prince or Princess dared go out of the Palace to misbehave.

If the King had praised his son and punished the boy and his family, other Princes and Princesses would have followed suit. Till date, the Aladesanmi’s are well respected wherever they are mentioned or appear.

For whatever reason, this is Africa, we’ve not lost our root yet please. A woman should learn to respect a man, in private and public, that is Africa.

At a time in this country, Patience Jonathan was a personality the APC insulted and ridiculed everyday. Goodluck Jonathan never reacted to any insult on him and his family. Someone even called her Shepopotamus and the APC celebrated him, what goes around comes around. What you give you get.

Imagine poking her hand in the face of a colleague, someone’s husband and father.

If we continue to celebrate this, it’s a disgrace to womanhood. A woman of her calibre should be reserved, cool and calculated, comported, a role model and not confrontational, impatient, violent or provocative.

Yesterday again, a civil rights movement, Committee for the Defence of Women’s Rights, uncovered how the wife of the former governor of Lagos State and chairperson Senate Committee on Women Affairs, Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu is planning to sponsor another N75m protest against Senator Dino Melaye on Wednesday(today) in Abuja.

According to the group, the protesters have stormed Abuja and have allegedly booked for 300 rooms in many hotels the FCT.

She said, “We have it on good authority that N75 million has been released by Senator Okuremi Tinubu to Mrs. Kemi Nelson through Mrs. Tinubu’s sister called Funlola. The money is to organise a protest in Abuja on Wednesday against the chairman, Senate Committee on the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Dino Melaye, with 1,000 protesters from Lagos.

“The protesters have booked for 300 rooms in some hotels in Abuja.”

My major concern on this is why did she not organise a protest against the hardship of Nigerian women and widows. As I write, Alade market in Ogba area of Lagos has been destroyed and all the women rendered shopless. Oluremi Tinubu did not organise protest about that.

This again show the greediness of the Tinubs and why the Tinubu dynasty has taken over Lagos.

Women were killed in Kano and Abuja and Mrs. Tinubu is the chairman, Senate Committee on Women Affairs. She did not organise protest over these killings. Mrs. Tinubu has not protested against the skyrocketed price of tomatoes in the market. In the same vein, kerosine is now over N200 per litre and she didn’t organised any protest to that effect.

Instead, she has taken advantage of the prevailing poverty in the land and the hit song “where oh, where oh is the vaunted change?” on the lips of Nigerians, to hire hungry women in the land to partake in an unproductive protest against Dino Melaye.

Women like Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, Hajiya Gambosa Sawaba, Sarah Jubril, fought for woman race without attacking any man. Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu should emulate the likes of Margaret Thatcher, Indira Ghandhi, Benazir Bhutto Dora Akunyili, among others.

You can imagine what N75 million will do in the lives of widows and hungry Nigerian women instead of this ostentatious display of wealth while the average Nigerian women wallow in abject poverty.

Nigerians should rise against this no-longer-funny epic of shame from the two Senators and the promotion of propaganda from the Tinubs thinking they owns Nigeria and can delude everyone with the media power.

Bamidele Williams




Bamidele Williams is a Journalist, a public affairs Analyst and the Convener, Pigeonpost News Agency.

Source: opinionnigeria.com