YO! TGIF, hope you had a great week. It’s another recipe for your weekend treat… 

Ohkey sweeedy 😄I just couldnt help myself from sharing this Bacon eggsauce with ketchup and fried yam😉 its easy 😆 here are the recipes:

Ingredients :

* you need your ketchup (2teaspoons) I used 1. * a tuber of yam or half depending on what you want to eat or prepare and oil for frying. * you main ingredents which are: eggs, fresh tomatoes, onions, baconfresh, pepper * and for your seasoning : i ❤ ginger and garlic, it could be fresh or dry as long as it is chopped or granded😎 then you can add your cubes, curry (Jamaican style curry ) was what I use and thyme , Goya all purpose seasoning, carib chicken seasoning spice


Preparation :

OO *Peel your yam and cut them into long slices like the one above. *Put your oil in a pan😆 and heat it until its hot enough for those thin OO of yam to hop inside and sizzle 😅 when they are fried and dry enough you put them neatly in your favourite plate😊 mine was a regular plate thou😁 *next for your sauce 😍 use a pan or a pot not too deep😊 add 5 spoons of oil and add your sliced bacon, your tomatoes, onions, pepper, ginger and garlic, your jamiacan curry ,Goya seasoning, seasoning knorr cubes and carib chicken seasoning and you frrrrrry😄 then u break your eggs neatly into the pan or you could whisk the egg in a plate and add salt ( I didnt add in mine because am being mindful of salt😉) pls heat up your sauce for 5mints and stir. *put your sauce in the same plate with your yam and a teaspoon or two of ketchup beside. 😉Walaaaa….. your sauce is ready and you can eat this sauce with bread, fries, boiled plantain etc.😄 

Pls if you tried this recipe, comment and tell me how yours was or if you would love to try it someday pls also❤like and comment 😘